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Using the latest technologies to offer you the highest resolution photography

Utilising state-of-the-art remotely controlled drones to carry the latest and greatest professional cameras we have produced exceptional work for a range of clients across the globe.

We cater for a range of applications and we are capable of flying as high as 120 metres and we can get within 5 metres of the action.

We can offer helicopter results at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveillance methods.

CAA Approved

We are fully CAA approved and have a wealth of experience, ensuring only the highest standards in safety and operation.

Licenced & Insured

Our pilots are fully qualified in flying both drones and light aircraft and are fully insured.

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What we cover


UAV’s are being utilized worldwide to monitor plants for pests and diseases, giving farmers early warnings of problems with their crops up to 10 days before it becomes visable to the naked eye. When a plant goes into stress, its either due to  water or fertilizer shortage,  or because its being attacked by a pest. Photosynthetic activity decreases affecting the chlorophyll which the near-infrared cameras are able to detect. This can make the difference between a failed crop and a bumper harvest.


Industrial/Utility Inspection and Surveillance

From domestic roof inspections to wind turbines and power lines, drones facilitate inspection and reduce costs. UAV’s can be used for condition assessment, corrosion identification, damage detection and by utilizing thermal imaging cameras, energy efficiency. Our UAVs can help maintain infrastructure with significantly less manpower and in a fraction of the time.


Our drones have the ability to reach any point in space. They can supply detailed photos and video from multiple angles and elevations. HD images can be integrated with photo rendering software to produce accurate 3D maps. Our clients can use these maps in a variety of ways, such as impose overlays of plans onto what’s actually being built, track progress of a project or calculate volumetric measurements.

Action – Movie Production and Sports

Our UAV’s present some very unique opportunities for filmmakers. Using our state of the art stabilised cameras we can provide the highest quality images and footage for a variety of film or advertising applications. We can get close to the action from angles and vantage points that are not typically available or which would otherwise be costly or unsafe to film from. Drones have even been used to film erupting volcanos in Iceland.

Emergency Services, Public Safety & Rescue

In search and rescue operations every second counts, our UAV’s make it possible to obtain a immediate aerial overview of any situation, even in bad weather or in the case of fires our carbon fibre housings allow our drones to operate in the most testing of conditions. Various devices such as gas measurement devices, air contamination devices and  thermal imaging cameras can be mounted onto the UAV as required.


With UAV technologies livestock can be monitored visually over large areas. UAVs can be used to count livestock, locate animals scattered across large areas, herd sheep and cattle and even spot cattle that are sick or in season using thermal sensors and locate them with GPS. UAV’s can also be used in disease control, for example Foot and Mouth Disease, by quickly identifying and locating animals within a set radius of an outbreak.

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Our Services

Drone Hire with Pilot

Its the experience of the pilot that ensures both the safety and quality of the shoot. All our highly skilled aerial drone pilots are Civil Aviation Authority approved and have extensive experience in a variety of applications.

Our Equipment

With a large range of cameras, accessories and drone software, we ensure we are ideally equipped to meet our clients requirements. We can cater to a large range of applications including, live streaming, infrared imagery, thermal imagery, High Definition stills and cinematography.

Consultancy Services

With our wealth of experience and specialist knowledge we can offer consultancy on any size of project helping our clients with gathering requirements, project planning, data capture and analytics

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